new generation number plates

Number plates- new generation

Have you changed or applied for the new generation of motor vehicle number plates as per the Kenyan government’s requirements through the National Transport Authority? (NTSA) Would you like them collected and delivered to your doorstep?

At Nairobi Fast Errands, we provide this service within Nairobi and its environs. Contact us when you are notified that the new generation number plates are ready for collection. We will come up to where you are collect the current number plates, then head to NTSA and we will collect on your behalf with ease.

We deliver them to you at your locality as you continue with your production processes. We are trustworthy, honest, and faithful, and you can count on us to carry out this noble role for you with excellence.

We also offer other NTSA related errands like motor vehicle log book collection, delivery of documents, and any other errand you may require our assistance for.

If you have not yet applied, log in to your personal tims account , fill in all the required details , attach a scanned logbook in pdf format and also the scanned front and the rear number plates – Ensure your images are in Pdf format otherwise the registration is rejected. If you take images via phone the images are in jpg format and therefore you are required to convert into pdf for acceptance. You will also be required to indicate how you would like the number plates to appear both front and back either in oblong format or square format. you are then required to pay kshs 3000 to NTSA through a simplified MPESA procedure and complete the process.

You are notified at a later date when they are ready for collection and from there we Nairobi Fast errands jump into action and collect for you .

collection of new generation number plates from NTSA in Nairobi