Errands Services in Nairobi ?So, you need to go to work but have some laundry to take to the laundry shop. Or you are just leaving the house and suddenly remember that you were to deliver something at a friends’ place or colleagues’. Your schedule is already too tight to try and squeeze in all your errands. Or you’re scrolling on your phone and see that its Mike’s birthday but you forgot!

Nairobi fast errands are your solution to such circumstances. We will pick your laundry, do shopping and deliver it right at your doorstep, that letter from the office that you forgot to give out; we will deliver it fast and not forgetting a birthday card for Mike. We offer services for running your personal errands. Think of us like personal assistant in Nairobi. We will help run all your personal errands in Nairobi and guarantee timeliness, efficiency and your satisfaction.

You don’t need to break the bank. Just give us a call, or send a text via WhatsApp and you’ll have an affordable assistant at your service. How cool is that? You get to have your personal errands run in Nairobi while you enjoy the rest of your activities  

We are the Best!!