Careful Cake Delivery Services in Nairobi

You just got your favorite cake and as the matatu starts moving, you realize that the movements are messing up the cake. You can’t tell the matatu driver to drive slowly to save your cake, well you can try but good luck with that! All that money you spent on the cake’s decoration has been flushed down the drains but at least some of the icing will be on the box right? Haha

Don’t try and go through that hustle, we are here to solve your problem with cake delivery services in Nairobi. Be it birthday cakes, anniversary cakes, promotion cakes or you just need some cake for yourself; we will deliver it at your doorstep or office in Nairobi and its environs. From your favorite cake shop, we package the cakes well enough not to mess with any decors and deliver it to you.

Not forgetting the bakers, we offer delivery services from the bakers to their esteemed clients. Our delivery boxes are designed in a way that there will be no messes to your gifted work and our coolers will ensure that nothing melts of the cakes. We are only a phone call, Whatsapp text away to make that special cake delivery services in Nairobi.