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Eastleigh is a town on its own and a hub for all goods coming from abroad. Anyone shopping from China, Europe, or America nowadays will prefer to consolidate his/her goods with others. Then and, at home, pick them up from a central location at cheaper costs, avoiding all the hustles of clearing and forwarding. Its 10 minutes drive from Nairobi central business and accessible from all major roads within.

Eastleigh houses major international freight forwarders within its precincts. Any parcel and especially for small medium and micro businesses and for individuals the more and most preferred means to have your parcel in Nairobi Kenya is through forwarders in Eastleigh. We as Nairobi fast errands offer the most preferable and convenient means of collecting your parcels. from all the forwarders warehouses and deliver upto your doorstep within Nairobi region and its environs. If you are out of Nairobi we also collect and hand it over to your reliable Matatu or Bus or any other transporter.

Delivery using van, pickup or motorbike

Having knowledge of Nairobi region and its Environs it gives us the ability to deliver your cargo from the warehouse within the shortest time possible for you to continue with your production . Just a phone call away and the details required we are able to collect your parcel.

Eastleigh warehouses and godowns

Most warehouses for overseas logistics firms are centrally located at the Kenya Bus Garage along General Waruinge Street. just after the Pumwani Maternity Roundabout. Here, your goods are delivered either from an airport or sea port, and it becomes your point of collection. Nairobi fast errands come in with accessing these warehouses and godowns, and from here we ensure that your goods are intact and the number of boxes matches your shipper’s invoice.

After verification, we collect and deliver to your office, home, or business location with ease.

deliver parcel from Eastleigh cargo warehouses.

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