Looking for pickup or delivery services either to Murang’a from Nairobi and want your goods, parcels sent from Murang’a received in Nairobi and delivered upto your preferred destination. Nairobi fast errands is the ultimate courier company for your service.

we pick and deliver all your mails and parcels and documents within Nairobi and put them in matatu shuttles or physically bring upto your doorstep. if sending from murang’a send to us and we will collect and deliver to your preferred office within Nairobi and its environs.

send your to your preferred shop and we will collect your luggage or if searching for a product we are the best courier for that who will represent you and ensure that your goods are exact as per your order well packed and taken to your preferred matatu terminus or physically delivered upto your doorstep

picking your cheques and other payments we also do it with ultimate excellence and also handle your clients with respect and integrity, if selling from Murang’a we offer storage facilities at our Nairobi office for ease of delivery to clients.

pick and deliver to and from muranga parcel or mail