documents atteatation

Documents attestation

Documents attestation is the act of witnessing the signing of a formal document and then also signing it to verify that it was properly signed by those bound by its contents.

Documents attestation is a legal acknowledgement of the authenticity of a document and a verification that proper processes were followed.

A type of testimony or confirmation is an attestation. A deed, will, or other written document is typically signed in front of a witness who likewise signs the document to attest to the document’s contents and the party’s signature’s authenticity.

Verification of documents

Documents are verified by their issuing agencies, and the process is aimed at ensuring that a party is legally bound or entitled to the documents for purposes of employment or business, especially within a nation. Within Kenya, the Ministry of foreign affairs is the last government office to verify and attest. from here, they can now be presented to an Embassy or High commission of the country where the documents are needed to be used for documents attestation

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Authentication of documents in Kenya is done by the Legal and Host Country Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA).  Relevant issuing authorities certify documents prior to authentication.

The nature of the documents informs the process of certification by the issuing authority as shown below:

  1. Academic Certificates – Ministry of Education
  2. Marriage Certificates – Registrar of Marriages
  3. Islamic Marriage and Divorce Certificates – Chief Kadhi or Deputy Chief Kadhi
  4. Adoption Certificate – High Court
  5. Certificate of Birth/Death – Registrar of Births/Deaths
  6. Court Order –Seal of the issuing court
  7. Certified copy of an entry of marriage – Registrar of Marriages
  8. Certificate of no impediment to Marriage – Registrar of Marriages
  9. Driving Licence – National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA)
  10. Medical Certificate Report – Kenya Medical & Dentists Practitioners Council (KMPDC)
  11. Police Clearance Certificate – Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI)
  12. Power of Attorney – Registrar of the High Court
  13. Notary Public – Registrar of the High Court
  14. Trade Documents (Original/Copy) – Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry or the Joint Arab-Kenya Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Legal Directorate is sensitive to emergency/ urgent cases especially where the applicant(s) needs to travel abroad for medical attention. In such cases, the documents are processed on priority basis.

Refer to the process and procedure below for authentication or documents attestation

  1. Receipt of request and requisite documents at Counter 39, Huduma Centre at City Square – Nairobi.
    •    -Issuance of receipt
    •    -Issuance of collection slip
  2. Documents conveyed to the Legal and Host Country Affairs Directorate at MFA.
  3. Processing time is within two (2) working days.
  4. Collect your documents after two (2) working days.


 Service: Authentication of DocumentsRequirements to obtain a serviceCost per Copy (Kshs)Timeline
1.Academic Certificate (Original)-Must be certified and stamped by the Director of Quality Assurance & Standards, at the Ministry of Education.200Within two (2) working days
2.Academic Certificate (Copy)100
3.Adoption Certificate-Must have the stamp of the Registrar of the issuing Court.500
4.Certificate of Birth/Death-If child is born in Nairobi:-Obtain certification from the Registrar of Births at ACK Bishop House Gardens;-If Child is born outside of Nairobi:– Obtain certification from Registrar of Births at Hass Plaza;Similar procedure applies for death certificate.200
5.Court Order-Must have a seal of the issuing Court.500
6.Certified Copy of an Entry of Marriage-Must obtain a copy of certificate of Entry of Marriage and/or Certificate of no impediment to marriage from the Registrar of Marriages at the Attorney General’s Chambers.200
7.Certificate of no Impediment to Marriage200
8.Driving Licence-Old generation Driving Licences are authenticated as is.-New generation driving licences (smart cards) MUST be accompanied by a letter from the National Transport Safety Authority (NTSA) prior to authentication.200
9.Islamic Marriage Certificate-Must be certified and stamped by the Chief Kadhi’s Chambers in Mombasa or Deputy Chief Kadhi in Nairobi.-Issuance of certificate of an entry to Islamic marriage.200
10.Islamic Divorce Certificate200
11.Medical Certificate Report-Must be certified by the Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Medical Practitioners & Dentist Council200
12.Police Clearance Certificate-Authenticated as is.200
13.Power of Attorney-Must be notarised and accompanied by a letter confirming the status of notarising Advocate from the Registrar of the High Court or Court of Appeal.500
14.Notary Public-Must be accompanied by a letter from the Registrar of the High Court or Court of Appeal.500
15.Trade Document (Original)-Must be certified and stamped by Kenya National Chamber of Commerce & Industry or the Joint Arab-Kenya Chamber of Commerce & Industry.600
16.Trade Documents (Copy)300

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documents attestation for Authenticity at relevant ministry departments at embassy or high commission