Mwea rice

Mwea rice delivery ,you need pure aromatic pishori rice from mwea and you wonder how it can be picked from Nairobi CBD and delivered to your home or office. Nairobi fast errands are a reliable errands running business and we can pick from any matatu sacco and deliver upto your door step/home/office.

For Mwea rice delivery, either you have a sales agent or you don’t have we connect you to several competent rice sellers and you get assured you get the best quality of pishori rice., contact us anytime before sending to ease the burden of collecting your identification documents from your home making the process expensive.

Mwea is best known for its rice planting area, located in Kirinyaga County on the slopes of Mount Kenya. mostly Large irrigation schemes fed by the river Thiba and currently a new dam has been constructed so as to improve the production capacity. Its located on the Makutano -Embu road , Most Passenger matatu that ply along that route and help with the transportation include Kukena Sacco, Ketnno Sacco, Neno Sacco among others. All these matatu Saccos terminate their routes at the famous Accra road commonly known as tea room.

We at Nairobi Fast errands also receive all your mails and parcels from all other localities and deliver to all Nairobi areas with incredible efficient services. any location however new is our delivery and pickup point.

Fill out the sample form below, while sending your rice and we will pick and deliver upto your doorstep. this form allows our riders to pick your parcel with ease from any of the matatu saccos. We always guarantee our customers whether new or old quality at all times.