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Nairobi Fast Errands is a shopping, pickups and delivery enterprise based in Nairobi. We specialize in shopping, pickups and delivery services to clients within Nairobi and its surroundings. We do home pickups and  deliveries, office shopping, deliveries and door-to-door home deliveries. 

We offer Door-to-Door pickups and deliveries of mails , parcels and documents and on shop buying, transfer of goods, cheques collection and banking services delivery of flowers and gifts , cakes  deliveries, prescription drugs purchase and delivery to Nairobi estates or sending to your destination, booking services of Buses and Train , temporary storage of goods.

We are Tested, Trusted, Efficient, Reliable and a pillar to achieving your goals.

Our Delivery Team

We have professional and dedicated delivery team that works over the clock to ensure your parcels are delivered to the intended destination. Each member has a motorbike labelled Nairobi Fast Errands. They are the greatest resource our company holds.
Delivery Services We Offer:

Delivery Services We Offer:

Move anything from point A to B at the touch of a button. 1. Parcels Delivery 2. Cheques & Banking 3. Shopping Delivery, 4. Birthday Cakes, 5. Food Orders, 6. Prescription Medicines, etc.

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Delivery Services We Offer:

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Nairobi Fast Errands Nairobi, Kenya +254 721 761746