Shopping Errands

Grocery shopping from; Ngara Market, Gikomba Market, Retail Market, Wakulima Market,Uchumi Super Market, Ukwala Super Market, Naivas Supermarket, Tuskys Supermarket. effective, efficient and economical grocery shopping. 

Parcel Delivery

 Send us for Parcel and Documents, parcel delivery services 

Send Pay KPLC Electricity Bills

Collect  clothes from any Nairobi Dry cleaner 

Pay your Telkom Telephone Bills

Pay your water bill at Nairobi Water 


Mail Services

We pick, send, forward and deliver all types of mails and parcels from source to your preferred destination or recipient. We pick goods, documents, mails and parcels on your behalf and send to you or any destination . Our services are personalized and carried out by trusted individuals 

Petty Errand Services Logistic Services in Nairobi

Petty Errand Services in Nairobi; Submitting of Tender Documents, Attend Site Briefings, Licence renewals, Collect ID documents from Huduma Centre in Nairobi, Collect KRA Documents – KRA PIN, VAT monthly returns, Events organizing, Lunch and Meeting Refreshments delivery, Banking services, Pick up and drop offs for Pharmacies, Dry cleaners, Movie Rentals, Store Purchase Returns, and others

We can do your groceries, pick and drop or deliver your dry clean clothes, Drivers licence renewal, drop and pick your kids from school, we drop you at the airport as you fly pick you there when you return.

Lunch Delivery, Food to School delivery, Send for chips town, chips delivery, pizza home office delivery, food home office delivery, lunch door step delivery, lunch to office, send for food, logistics, in nairobi kenya

·         Grocery runs and shopping

·         Meal pickups and deliveries

·         Post office pickups and deliveries

·         Video rental returns

·         Banking services, cheques etc

·         Gift Wrapping & Delivering

·         Making library runs

·         Collection and Delivery Service

·         Same day Pick up and Drop off;

·         Delivery service of small parcels and packages;

·         Drop off and Collections at the Nairobi High Court & other courts in Nairobi;

·         Traffic Department drop off and collections;

·         Moving assistance

·          Personal shopping and gift selection

·         Organizing meetings and parties

      ·         Event promotion materials distribution such as placards

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